Urgent reform of our gambling laws is needed. Our current legislation is outdated and analogue - we need a new Gambling Act, fit for the digital age.

  • 1
    There should be stake limits for online gambling to create parity with land-based venues - including a £2 stake on harmful slot content.
  • 2
    Affordability checks (with a soft cap of £100) are urgently needed and should be overseen by a Gambling Ombudsman.
  • 3
    VIP schemes and harmful incentives must be banned.
  • 4
    There should be a clear duty of care on operators to protect consumers from harm.
  • 5
    A “smart”, mandatory levy should be applied to operators to fund safer gambling initiatives and research.
  • 6
    There should be a ban on all advertising in sport, on direct marketing and on inducements. Stronger advertising restrictions on broadcast, online, streaming and social media advertising should be brought in to limit the exposure of children to gambling.
  • 7
    The Gambling Commission is not fit for purpose - its capacity to regulate online gambling must be urgently reviewed and the Government must commit further flexible funding for the Commission, with rigorous spending oversight.
  • 8
    A Gambling Ombudsman must be set up to protect consumers.

APPG’s Submission to the Gambling Review

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport will use responses to the Call for Evidence phase of the Review to inform any legislative proposals put forward to reform, or even replace, the current Gambling Act 2005.

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