Carolyn Harris MP calls out remote gambling operators on inaction to address online gambling harm.

PRESS RELEASE: 12 June 2019

On Wednesday (12 June), Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Carolyn Harris MP demanded online gambling operators address their failure to act on the harm caused by online gambling.

In an evidence of session of the group’s online gambling inquiry, the group heard from the representative organisation for the online gambling industry, the Remote Gambling Association.  

Ms Harris, along with Iain Duncan Smith MP and Ronnie Cowan MP, questioned the industry on its actions and steps to address the harm being caused to individuals and families as a result of problematic behaviour.

Carolyn Harris MP said “The industry has to start taking responsibility. This is about people’s lives.”

She also called on online gambling operators to appear publicly before the committee to answer questions on the harm they are causing. 

The group are calling on online operators to sign up to a strong code of conduct and immediately take steps to limit harm.

The group has extended invitations to online gambling operators to appear at an oral evidence session in September.  

Former Gambling Minister Tracey Crouch MP was today elected as Vice-Chair of the APPG.

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Notes to Editors

  1. The Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group has been created to provide a forum for discussion and further investigation into the impact of gambling related harm in our communities. This group, powered by the passion of the members in both houses of Parliament on this issue, allows a coordinated effort among politicians of all political parties, to come together to discuss how best to address the issues and harms gambling causes to our communities. 
  • The newly formed Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group (GRH APPG) announced that in March 2019 that it would be undertaking an inquiry into the harms caused by online gambling and looking at remedies and recommendations to address these. This inquiry will examine the full impact of online gambling, the addictive and potentially harmful nature of some of the products on offer and their effect on the vulnerable, in particular, children. This inquiry will also explore the effectiveness of age and identity verification mechanisms as well as efficacy of self-exclusion schemes and current provisions for problem and at-risk gamblers. Amongst other areas, the Group will also look at the use of credit cards online, difficulties in withdrawal of funds from online accounts, the impact of the current level of stakes and prizes online, and social media and the impact of advertising.
  • For more information, please contact Carolyn Harris MP, the Chair of the Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group or the secretariat for the Group:
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